Can I get accommodations for my course work?

Since TVO ILC courses are online and interactive, we are currently unable to provide accommodations support for course work and assignments. We only provide accommodations for final tests. 

How can I request accommodations?

Applicants should indicate a need for final test accommodations on their TVO ILC application. The application can only be submitted once supporting documentation has been provided.   You can also request accommodations at any time before the beginning of your final unit by following these steps:  Log in to the TVO ILC Portal  Visit “Accommodations Forms” in the left navigation menu  Click “Request Accommodation”   Upload your supporting documentation and add …

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What documentation do I need for accommodations?

TVO ILC will accept the following supporting documentation:  1.  Individual Education Plan (IEP) or psycho-educational report  Individualized Education Plans (IEP), provided by an Ontario school, or psycho-educational reports identify the student’s learning needs and outline the accommodations needed by the student to support learning.  IEPs and psycho-educational reports must be written within the last 5 years.  2.  Letters/reports from qualified professionals  If you do not have an IEP or a psycho-educational report but wish to request accommodations, you must support …

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What accommodations does TVO ILC provide?

TVO ILC provides final test accommodations at the request of students. Supporting documentation is required. Accommodations may include:  Up to 50% more time  Periodic stop-the-clock supervised breaks as needed  Prompts to return student’s attention to the task  Clarification of instructions and/or questions  A one-page preapproved study/definitions/formula sheet  The use of certain learning tools such as a dictionary   A reader/scribe provided by the student in lieu of …

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