Important Changes to TVO ILC Final Test Policy

Effective September 1, 2020, TVO ILC Final Test Policy will change for Brightspace courses. This change does not apply to Final Tests in MyILC courses.

How do I know if I have a Brightspace course or a MyILC course ?

  • The Brightspace home page will have this logo
  • The MyILC home page will have this logo

Effective September 1st, students enrolled in Brightspace courses will have one opportunity to write the Final Test.  The final mark for the course will be calculated based on the weightings for the Assessments for Grading and the Final Test.  To successfully complete the course and earn a credit, the calculated final mark for the course must be greater than or equal to 50%.  If the calculated final mark is less than 50%, the credit is not earned and the final mark will show on the transcript if the course is grade 11 or 12.  Students who are not successful in achieving their credit, may re-enroll and take the course again.

Reminder – The final test policy for course enrollment(s) in MYILC is as follows;

  • must pass all unit work (score of 50% or more) before writing the final test;
  • must achieve a passing grade on the final test (50% or more) to earn the credit;
  • have two attempts to pass the final test.
  • will be notified if they are successful on the final test.  Their final grade will be calculated accordingly (course unit – 70%, final test – 30%)
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