COVID-19: Can I still request documents?

Due to the rapidly changing COVID–19 developments, we have suspended the issuing and mailing of all official education documents such as Midterm Reports and Transcripts until further notice.  You can still request copies of Transcripts and Midterm Reports to be sent by email directly to recognized schools and institutions. 

You can continue to make your request for Midterms or Transcripts through your TVO ILC Portal and please note the following: 

  • Select “Mail to institution” button, not “Mail to myself”.  We will not be processing requests for copies to be sent to students at this time.
  • Fill in all fields including the institution’s mailing address, contact name, and reference number, if applicable.
  • In the “Comments” box, provide the institution’s email address.

Please note that processing times for education documents may be longer than normal. We appreciate your patience.

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